The Right Alamo Plan

Dear Fellow Texans,

     I am asking you to help me save the Alamo. My name is Rick Range and I am running for Texas General Land Office Commissioner in the Republican Primary on March 6th.

     As you are probably aware, current-Commissioner George P. Bush brought in out-of-state planners who devised a scheme for the Alamo that took the focus entirely off of the 1836 Battle and would have turned the site into a politically correct Disney-style theme park for the City of San Antonio. Now we have another candidate, Davey Edwards, who wants to rid the General Land Office of the Alamo and hand off ownership and control of it to an independent “commission” of unelected bureaucrats. Neither option is acceptable.

     An excellent plan is already available for the Alamo. This plan was passed and funded by the Texas Legislature three years ago. It would close off the streets and remove the traffic, get rid of the freak shows, incorporate a new Battle Museum to display the hundreds of artifacts, and reconstruct the 1836 battle footprint where possible. It is a wonderful plan for the Alamo. 

     When elected I will immediately act to fully implement this plan. It will be one that all Texans can be proud of, and will ensure that the focus of the Alamo will always remain on the world-famous 1836 Battle and the heroic Defenders.

    Due to the dire threat to the Alamo, we need to make this the biggest turnout for a Republican Primary in the history of the state. Texas is an open primary state—any registered voter regardless of party affiliation can vote in this Republican Primary to help save the Alamo.

     I am the conservative in this race. I am strongly Pro-Life, a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, and am adamantly opposed to the removal and destruction of any of our historic monuments and statues. I am also strongly in favor of strict immigration enforcement. For more details go to

     Together, we can save the Alamo and ensure its role for future posterity. I would be deeply honored to have your vote. Remember the Alamo!


                                Rick Range

P.S.—The Alamo is threatened like it has never been since 1836. Help me defeat the forces of political correctness that are trying to “Reimagine” the Alamo into something it never was. Vote Rick Range on March 6th.Say something interesting about your business here.

Issues with Opponent Positions

The Alamo Can't Afford Another George P. Bush Plan

We originally set up this website/page in order to get the word out about George P. Bush's disastrous Alamo plan since none of the state's news media would cover it. We had also tried to get Davey Edwards to help when we learned that he was running. It was after he had been campaigning for four months and saying absolutely nothing about the Alamo crisis that I was persuaded to get in the race. That was why I entered. I previously had no intention whatsoever of running. After I had entered, and when Davey Edwards realized that the Alamo issue was finally gaining traction, that's when he started to campaign on it. Those are the facts. Do not be misled as to which candidate has been fighting to save the Alamo from the very beginning.

What's more, Davey Edwards still does not want to have to deal with the Alamo. His latest plan now is to COMPLETELY REMOVE THE ALAMO FROM UNDER THE STEWARDSHIP OF THE TEXAS GENERAL LAND OFFICE AND PLACE IT TOTALLY UNDER THE CONTROL OF SOME UNSPECIFIED "DETAILS TO BE WORKED OUT" INDEPENDENT "COMMISSION." We have already seen how that worked out with George P. Bush when HE handed off responsibility for the Alamo to others. We certainly do not need a repeat of that—unelected bureaucrats deciding the future of the Alamo.

What Texans need is a hands-on Land Commissioner who will take the responsibility to personally see that the plan is implemented that was passed by the Texas State Legislature—a plan for the Alamo that fully recognizes and honors the world-famous 1836 Battle and the courageous Defenders. The Texas General Land Office Commissioner has that authority. When elected that is exactly what I will do.  -Rick Range

A New Threat to the Alamo


There is now a second threat to the Alamo. When spreading the word about our campaign, we need to be certain to include the information that Davey Edwards is absolutely not an option to George P. Bush. This past week, Edwards came out in favor of a plan that would remove the Alamo completely out of the stewardship of the General Land Office and place it under the total control of an independent “details to be worked out” commission—a group of unelected bureaucrats running the Alamo. This plan would be even worse than George P. Bush since this Texas state shrine would no longer be under the control of the State of Texas. If a bad plan emerged for the Alamo, there would be absolutely no recourse for the citizens as there is now where the Land Commissioner can be voted out of office. This would obviously create a worse situation than we currently have under Bush.

Please be sure to emphasize to everybody that they need to not only vote Bush out of office, but that Davey Edwards is definitely not an option. It is imperative that he be stopped so that we do not end up with the situation of a runoff consisting of Bush and Edwards. This really needs to be emphasized at every opportunity because it would be the Alamo's worst nightmare.

Thank you very much for everything that you are doing. Your help is very critical to our success. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 972-278-9241 or 214-881-2764. You can also email me at

- Rick Range


Let me make the five most significant Alamo issues very clear by comparing these three plans. 


  • Initial cost about $450 million—he now says it’s $300 million.
  • Included see-through imported German glass walls around the Alamo Plaza—he now says the walls are out.
  • Included full history of the mission, downplaying the 1836 Battle—he now says the Battle will remain the focus.
  • Included moving the Cenotaph—he now says it might stay on the Alamo grounds.
  • Control has been split among five entities—he now says he’s the boss, but must ask nonprofit boards for permission about openness for meetings and finances. Has changed positions so many times that once the election is over, there is no guarantee what his plan will be.

The Edwards Plan

  • No cost indicated—states that he has no “predetermined” plan. No walls ever mentioned because there is to be no plan for improvement—everything is to be left just as it is: vehicular traffic coursing through the Plaza, the freak shows, no new Battle museum, and no recreation of the 1836 Battle footprint. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Alamo we’ve dreamt of for years is to be scuttled.
  • He has said little about the history of the Alamo.
  • His plan is to buy the plot of land beneath the Cenotaph from the City of San Antonio.
  • His plan is to hand off control and management of the Alamo from the GLO to an independent “commission” of unelected individuals who cannot be held accountable by the voters.

The Range Plan

  • The cost is around $50 million and is the plan that was presented to, approved by, and funded by the Texas Legislature in 2015.
  • The approved plan includes limestone walls, representing the original.
  • The approved plan includes the intent of the Texas Legislature to honor and respect the 1836 Battle and the heroic Defenders that set in motion the independence of Texas.
  • The Cenotaph will remain exactly where it is. The State of Texas will own the entire Plaza.
  • Control will remain with the Texas GLO with a hands-on Commissioner. The Texas Legislature will then be encouraged to pass a bill mandating that the focus shall remain on the 1836 Battle and its Defenders regardless of who the GLO Commissioner may be.