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Following is a message sent to us from Lee White, President and Founder of the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association:

"The direct descendants of the Alamo are fighting as our ancestors once did against tyranny. The politicians didn’t deliver safety for the Alamo Cenotaph nor insurance that the Defender story wouldn’t be diminished.

“Folks! This is the last stand . . .

“Will you come to our aid or will it end as it did in 1836? We can prevail in Federal Court but we need funds. 

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“Together we can win!”

I want to tell you right up front that I apologize for the length of this post and for its bluntness. I do hope that you will read it through. It may well be the most important post we have ever put up. It represents what is without any doubt our last chance to save the Alamo Cenotaph and the heroic Alamo story. This will be our last concerted effort. But with it we have a very good chance of achieving what we have been fighting for all along. I therefore believe it is critical that all of you fully understand all of the facts. So please bear with me.

Many of you will remember that we created this whole social media effort over two years ago with the goal of getting the word out to all of Texas about the disastrous details that had just been unveiled about George P. Bush’s Reimagine the Alamo Plan.

I had truly expected that once these details were exposed this news would spread like prairie fire and become a major issue on every news outlet in the state. That never happened. With the exception of a few newspaper articles in South Texas, there was nary a peep. Just dead silence. That situation has continued right on up to this very day. I am confident that fully 85 percent of the citizens of Texas right now still know absolutely nothing about any of this.

We soon realized that the most certain way of stopping this disaster for the Alamo was the defeat of George P. Bush as Texas Land Commissioner in the state’s March 2018 Republican Primary. With the near total blackout of news coverage on this issue, that was a steep uphill task. We tried as hard as we could to spread the message through our social media effort as well as massive email blasts throughout the state. But these methods only get the word out so far, not nearly enough to successfully defeat a sitting incumbent with a famous last name.

I finally realized that the only way of reaching enough voters to possibly prevail was to institute a statewide campaign of radio ads. I asked for your help. A handful of very generous patriots did contribute to the effort, but 90 percent of it I funded out of my own pocket. These ads clearly informed people of what Bush intended for the Alamo.

We were able to negotiate a comprehensive package whereby the ads would cover the entire state of Texas at a reduced rate, but they were still by no means cheap. These ads ran for one five-day week Monday through Friday. Some folks did get the message, but five days was not nearly enough.

At that time we had almost 8,000 followers on this site. I appealed for help and told you that if each person donated just 7 dollars apiece, less than the cost of a meal at McDonald’s, we could keep the radio bombardment going throughout the whole state for two more weeks all the way right up to Election Day.

I am embarrassed and chagrined to tell you how many people bothered to send in the 7 dollars or more. Exactly 27. Indeed, well over 99 percent of our “supporters” did not contribute one red cent during the entire campaign. Believe you me I was way beyond disillusioned. I was literally dumbfounded. After the hundreds and hundreds of people writing in and posting comments about how much they cared about the Alamo and how outraged they were, I would never have believed this result. To be absolutely frank with you, I almost quit.

Nevertheless, regardless of how disheartened I felt personally, I just could not quit on the Alamo. We persevered and kept on travelling all over the state hitting every meeting and forum that we could.

As you may recall, on Primary Day the three of us got a combined total of 42 percent of the vote against Bush. To get him into a Run-Off we needed to get him under 50 percent. In spite of the total lack of news coverage, we got fairly close, but not close enough. Now I do not know if that additional two weeks of radio bombardment would have pulled that extra 8 points off of George P. Bush or not. We will never know. I do know that if we had gotten Bush into that Run-Off and then helped Jerry Patterson to defeat him in it, we would not have to still be fighting this nightmare.

The next election opportunity to depose Bush came in the General Election in November. We supported pro-Alamo Democrat Miguel Suazo against Bush as hard as we could. But there were just too many people out there with the “Republican—good, Democrat—bad” ingrained mentality that we lost this opportunity also. In fact, with the sole exception of Governor Greg Abbott, George P. Bush ended up getting the highest number of raw votes on the entire Republican ticket. Totally unbelievable. Both election efforts proved fruitless.

Next came Round Two in our struggle—the effort to get a monument protection bill passed in the Texas State Legislature that would prevent the removal of the Alamo Cenotaph. This time, our people evidently provided much greater support to our effort. At every juncture during the session, you responded to each request and delivered an avalanche of emails, letters, and phone calls exactly when and where as needed. We successfully surmounted every hurdle and knocked down each barrier as they occurred. (Several people at the Capitol told me that during their entire careers they had never received such an enormous and sustained bombardment.)


We got a perfect bill to the very verge of final passage. This achievement was well-nigh a political miracle. The odds against us getting our bill (especially THIS bill) to this point were almost a thousand to one, but you did it. We only lost this bill at the last instant because we were knifed in the back by rich millionaires who had Governor Abbott and newly elected House Speaker Bonnen in their pocket, a circumstance that no one could have foreseen and no amount of pressure by us could have averted. Although the votes were there sufficient to pass it, Bonnen refused to allow the bill to get a final vote and thus killed it. By all rights we successfully won this one; it was literally stolen from us due to the betrayal by vile turncoats.

We have now arrived at the Third and Final Act of this Cause. There remains one last opportunity to save the Alamo Cenotaph. As related in our earlier post, Lee White uncovered a previously undiscovered state law whereby any piece of land can be officially designated as an “unverified cemetery” if it contains human remains or unmarked graves. These provisions are covered in the State Health and Safety Code, Chapter 711. Suffice it to say that such designation triggers a whole slew of mandatory regulations that would entangle Bush and his people for years. Most critically, it would prevent the removal of the Cenotaph.

As related in our earlier post, at the recent meeting of the Texas Historical Commission (THC) in Paris, Texas, Bush’s people opposed the designation of Alamo Plaza as an unverified cemetery because they stated that if it were so designated, that would completely stop the implementation of the Reimagine the Alamo Master Plan. In this statement Bush for once was evidently telling the truth. The statutory requirements mandated under this law would so tie them up that it would mean the end of Bush’s boondoggle. The THC therefore denied the official designation as Bush requested and instead granted “honorary cemetery” status that does not entail all the requirements.

However, the stringent Chapter 711 unverified cemetery law can still be applied to Alamo Plaza through an action in the courts. The Plaza obviously qualifies under the terms of the law, since numerous verified instances of the finding of human remains exists, some of them quite likely remains of the Alamo defenders, as well as evidence of the existence of upwards of 1,500 mission Indians buried in unmarked graves in the Plaza as documented in the Alamo Mission Spanish Inventories. Accordingly, this case has a high probability of success.

As bloodline descendants of the Alamo defenders, Lee White and the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association (ADDA) thus have legal standing to file this action in court. We do not. They also have the standing to file for enforcement in both the State and Federal District Courts. They are intending to file in Federal Court, this probably being preferable for a number of reasons. If the case does proceed to trial, Lee and the ADDA will be invoking their right to a trial by JURY.

As part of this lawsuit, Lee and her group will also be seeking a Temporary Injunction (TI) that will prevent any action by Bush against the Alamo Cenotaph pending a final resolution of the case in court on the merits, including any appeals. Once applied for, a TI is considered an emergency matter by the court and is ruled on almost immediately. The granting of such injunction will place a mantle of protection over the Cenotaph throughout whatever interim of time be required.

I can promise you that this Federal lawsuit is the very last thing that Bush and company want or expected. It literally constitutes a mortal threat to George P. Bush’s entire Reimagine plan for the Alamo.

The high chance of this suit to designate the Alamo Plaza an unverified cemetery may very well cause Bush and the GLO to seek a settlement in lieu of losing their entire plan. Such a settlement would include a binding mandate (in writing of course) that the Alamo Cenotaph shall not be moved but repaired in place, along with certain other conditions, one being that the Alamo Plaza shall remain open to the public 24 hours a day as it always has been.

Now here’s the only rub. Lee has an excellent law firm working on this at a greatly reduced rate. Legal action in court however still requires money. The lawyers already have the background work done and all preparations made to file the lawsuit. To actually file the suit and the application for the protective injunction, Lee must have an additional $10,000 IN HAND. Until she does, nothing can be filed.

This may sound like a lot of money, and it is. It is NOT a lot in the context of a Federal lawsuit. What is it worth to you to save the Alamo Cenotaph? 

Fortunately, we do not need to match the millions available to Bush (our tax money)—only enough to successfully prosecute this lawsuit. We currently have close to 10,000 followers on this Alamo site. You do the math. If all the people who claim to care one whit about the Alamo make the effort to donate, we could raise this amount virtually overnight. If just 200 people gave 50 bucks, that alone would get us there. Or if 1,000 gave 10 dollars that would also do it. You see what I am getting at. 

I am not asking that you send ME anything. What I AM asking is that each and every single one of you send something to Lee—whatever the amount. Do not think that if you make a small donation that it will not help. They ALL add up. For those of you who can afford it, please dig deep and be as generous as you possibly can. If we are finally going to save the Cenotaph, we must get this money in and we must do so FAST. We will not be getting this chance ever again.

We have the facts and the law on our side in this case; the only thing that we currently lack is funding. We must remedy that IMMEDIATELY.

We are at the final crossroads and we can go one of two ways. We can throw in the towel, hang up the gloves, and surrender. Or we can all pull together swiftly and deliver to George P. Bush the final knockout blow. That choice is now in your hands.

Now we can rant and rave on this page till Kingdom come and that will accomplish absolutely nothing—other than vent our anger and frustration. We are simply preaching to the choir. What we now need from everybody is action, not merely talk—and that means MONEY.

Also, phone calls, letters, and emails will availeth nothing. We are way past any of that. Bush and his people don’t care what you think. The State Legislature does not care what you think. And the State’s elected officials don’t care what you think. The only thing that will affect Bush at this point is a ruling by a Court of Law. What is needed now is MONEY if we are to get that ruling. If you are going to help you need to do so ASAP. Please do not put it off for later, procrastinate, or wait for the next person to bear the load. That’s how the Alamo fell the first time.

I want to strongly emphasize the following:  For this final battle we simply CANNOT afford to have the deplorable response we had back in the 2018 election campaign. We must instead have the SUPERB response we received during the State Legislative battle this spring. If we get that, we will quickly meet the necessary goal. Our success now fully depends on that. If we are going to prevail we must ALL have skin in the game this time.

Friends, what I am trying to explain to you as plainly and clearly as I can is that if we do not generously support Lee in this effort, it is over. We are done. If we DO support her, we have a very good chance of finally stopping this. That is the choice.

It is now up to you.

-Rick Range

P.S.—PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE. If we are to be successful, we are going to need all the help that we can get. And please send in your donation immediately. Each day that we fail to file the lawsuit and application for injunction is one more day that the Alamo Cenotaph stands naked and totally unprotected—it is one more day that Bush is entirely free to move against the Cenotaph. The clock is ticking. PLEASE ACT NOW

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The direct descendants of the Alamo are fighting as our ancestors once did against tyranny. The politicians didn’t deliver safety for the Alamo Cenotaph nor insurance that the Defender story wouldn’t be diminished.

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Some of us attended the hearing of the Dallas Landmark Commission on Monday, March 4. Only three people spoke in favor of granting the demolition permit and about 25 of us spoke against it. The entire crowd present was only about 75 and the vast majority of them were against the demolition.  

After discussion, a motion was made to deny the permit and it failed 6 to 9.

Following more discussion, a motion was made to grant the permit. It passed 10 to 5—even though some of the members acknowledged that this was in direct violation of the Dallas Landmark Protection Ordinance.

There is now only one path left to save the Dallas monument. This decision can be appealed within 30 days, but that will only temporarily buy more time. 

However, I spoke with a number of people involved in filing a lawsuit to stop the removal. Hopefully, this legal action can drag things out past September 1. 

If we are able to get the Monument and Statue Protection Act passed in the State Legislature, it will go into effect on September 1 and this WILL save the Dallas Memorial. We will be providing you with information about this just as soon as the bills are assigned to committee in both houses of the Legislature.




The Most Realistic Alamo Battle Model Ever Made


On Thursday morning, December 13, 2018 Tom Feely and his wife, Nancy, flew into Dallas for a meeting at the Hall of State in Fair Park with the Executive Director and both the retiring and current Curator of Exhibits. There Tom explained the Diorama in detail and they discussed the specifics about its transfer.

Afterwards the Hall of State folks showed them some of the Alamo artifacts that are in storage at the Hall of State. They intend to use these to create an Alamo exhibit to accompany Feely’s Diorama. These include Fannin’s watch given to him by his grandfather, a pistol recovered from Old Mexico believed to have possibly been that of Crockett at the Alamo, Santa Anna’s spurs captured at San Jacinto as well as a framed Dolores Calvary guidon (flag) captured right outside Santa Anna’s tent that would also have been at the Battle of the Alamo, among others.

Rick Range also agreed to let them have a couple of Alamo items that he has, and he also volunteered to procure some additional ones owned by other individuals throughout Texas.

Tom had never seen the Hall of State before and he was mightily impressed both by it and the people in charge. Due to the situation at the Alamo, he fully agreed that this will be an excellent venue for the Diorama, one where it will be appreciated and people can come from all over and see it for free.

This Diorama is the largest of its kind in the world (24 feet by 14 feet), and by far the most accurate in every detail, including almost 2,000 hand-painted figures of the soldiers and animals. 


So much for San Antonio—it is their loss. George P. Bush and company have already removed Tom’s earlier outdated Alamo battle diorama. They can now have their new politically correct museum (if it ever gets built) chock full of multi-heritage artifacts unrelated to the 1836 Battle. But here in Dallas we will proudly have the Alamo Battle on full glorious display for all the world to see as it has never been portrayed before. 

(All of the current models and depictions of the Alamo in San Antonio are based on old research and contain major inaccuracies.) 

Dallas will be the place to come if you want to see what the 1836 Alamo and the Battle actually looked like in all its realism.

The Hall of State is to shortly begin preparation of the space for the Alamo Exhibit and Diorama. Plans are to have the Hall of State people transport the Diorama to Dallas from Pennsylvania sometime after April. After twenty years’ work, this tremendous historical piece will finally be on full public display in Texas. 

Hall of State at Fair Park, Dallas

Originally called the State of Texas Building, the Hall of State originally debuted in 1836 as part of the Texas Centennial Exhibition. 

Eventually designed by Donald Barthelme, the building is a premier example of Cret's Modernism. The design blends classicism and Art Deco – with a few Texas motifs (cacti, oil wells) tossed in for good measure.

Crafted from Texas limestone, The Hall of State was, at a cost of $1.2 million, the most expensive building per square foot built in Texas at the time.


Breaking News

George P. Bush signs plan to overhaul Alamo Plaza

Bush signed the proposal over the objections of several Republican lawmakers.

BY CASSANDRA POLLOCK SEPT. 13, 2018    Texas Tribune

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has signed a proposal to overhaul Alamo Plaza, he announced Thursday morning.

"Yesterday I signed the resolution advancing the Alamo plan," Bush tweeted. "I ask the mayor to join me in executing this plan to treat the Alamo with the respect and reverence it deserves. God bless the Alamo and God bless Texas."

The proposal, which has drawn backlash in recent months from some Republicans in the Texas Legislature, was unanimously approved last week by the Alamo Management Committee and then sent to Bush and San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg. Nirenberg's office told The Texas Tribune on Thursday afternoon that there are still a number of steps to work through before the mayor can approve the plan.

Bush's announcement comes the day before a number of Republican lawmakers, including state Reps. Kyle Biedermann of Fredericksburg and Lyle Larson of San Antonio, were scheduled to hold a news conference on Alamo grounds opposing the plan. A spokesperson for the group confirmed Thursday afternoon that they still planned to hold the event.

Another state lawmaker, state Sen. Donna Campbell of New Braunfels, penned a Sept. 6 letter to Bush highlighting her concerns over relocating the Alamo Cenotaph, a 60-foot-tall monument currently located near the center of the Alamo Plaza. The overhaul plan, according to news reports, suggests moving the Cenotaph about 500 feet south.

“Many questions about the expense and feasibility of removing and relocating such a massive and beautiful monument without damaging it have not been addressed,” she wrote. “I urge the committee and the land office to slow down, prioritize accountability to the citizens of Texas, and reconsider the delicate history that is being reimagined here at an undetermined cost.”

There's also the question of how the state's regulatory requirements would impact the project.

In a letter dated Aug. 22, Texas Historical Commission Executive Director Mark Wolfe clarified to Bush and Niremberg the role the commission plays in the decision-making process. Wolfe said "work on, or alterations to [state archaeological landmarks] requires the issuance of a permit by the THC," adding that since the Cenotaph is on Alamo grounds, it is subject to those same provisions under state statute.

Bush's office told the Tribune on Thursday afternoon that it plans to request permits for items owned by the General Land Office when appropriate. The office also said that the city of San Antonio owns the Cenotaph and would be responsible for requesting a permit to relocate it. Nirenberg's office said in a statement to the Tribune that San Antonio "will go through every regulatory agency required."

Meanwhile, another debate over the Alamo has recently dominated Texas headlines. After a working group of the State Board of Education had proposed removing “heroic” when defining Alamo defenders from the seventh-grade social studies curriculum, Gov. Greg Abbott and other Texas elected officials — including Bush — called on Texans to stop what Abbott described as “political correctness” in schools. The board changed course after the backlash and tentatively voted earlier this week to keep the language intact.

The Cenotaph will move

Despite outcries from historical and heritage organizations as well as loud protests from Texas citizens, it appears the plan will be implemented.

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Excellent Summary of the Reason We Fight for the Alamo

 Tony E. Arterburn, Jr. is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper, a veteran of three foreign wars, radio host, published columnist, and world champion powerlifter. He lives with his wife Melissa, son Houston, and chocolate lab Layla in San Antonio, Texas.  

He has written this thoughtful and thought-provoking piece that we wanted to share with you. 


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