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Secrecy, transparency problems plague Bush

Bush's $450 million plan to "Reimagine the Alamo" shrouded in secrecy.

Bush Questioned over 'Convoluted' Oversight

The Texas Senate Finance Committee questioned "confusing" and "convoluted" oversight of the Alamo

Bush Grilled on Alamo Transparency

State legislators asked Bush to look for ways to provide more transparency in the management of the historic Alamo and 1836 battle site.

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Rick Range Campaign

Support for the Rick Range Campaign

First, we want to take this opportunity to thank our many supporters who have so tirelessly worked to assist our efforts. It has been a long uphill battle, but thanks to you, we have made tremendous progress in spreading the message about the dire threat to the future of the Alamo.  

Now that Rick Range has officially filed as a candidate for Texas General Land Office Commissioner running against George P. Bush, we would like to ask all of our followers and supporters to make a one-time contribution of 25, 50, or 100 dollars to the campaign. So far this campaign has been almost entirely self-funded except for a few generous individuals.

We have a specific reason for making this request. If all of our followers donate an average amount of just $30, we will be able to do a statewide mailer to every single Republican Primary voter in State of Texas. In this one mailer we will be able to ensure that each and every voter is fully aware of what Bush has tried to do to the Alamo, as well as inform them about Rick Range's positions and qualifications for the office. We will also be able to make them aware of all of Rick's many major endorsements, such as National Right to Life and several others. Range is the conservative in this race. He is the one candidate that will take the fight to Bush and can beat him.

This one mailer will go a long way to negate the millions that Bush will undoubtedly spend getting out his misleading propaganda. It almost certainly would make a huge difference in the outcome of this election. And this is the only way to make absolutely certain that every person voting is aware of what is at stake.  

Thirty dollars is certainly not a huge sacrifice for any of us who truly care about the Alamo—but it could definitely determine the outcome. It could literally be the difference between victory and defeat. If you want to ensure the future of the Alamo that we all want, please step forward and do your part. If we all do this, victory is within our grasp.  

Spreading the Word

November 10, 2017 -- The good news is that if all the voters of Texas become aware of the Alamo issue, George P. Bush will go down in flames in the March Republican Primary Election. The bad news is that right now I would hazard a guess that perhaps 20 percent of the electorate knows anything about it, and that may be overly optimistic. 

Besides passing along information about the website to everyone you possibly can and have them do the same, there is one other technique you can all help with that will be very effective. 

Many Republican primary voters who may not do social media are regular listeners to local radio talk shows. I have already done about twenty radio interviews on these shows so far, covering most of the state. However there are two areas where we have had zero coverage. The largest is the Houston area which will comprise about one-third of the entire primary vote. The other is the Amarillo station which covers the entire Texas Panhandle.

It would be a great help if all of you would call in to these two shows and bring up the Alamo issue. The message can be very simple—Bush’s plan will take the focus off of the 1836 battle and turn the site into a money-making tourist theme park. For further details, you can refer all listeners to the website.  

The Houston show to call is the Michael Berry Show from 8-11am on Houston KTRH 740 AM. Their call-in number is 713-212-5874.

The Amarillo show to call is the Tim and Kelli Show from 5-9am on KGNC 710 AM. Their call-in number is 806-350-0710. You can all call in to these two shows regardless of what part of the state you live in.

Also, if you will send an email to we can furnish you with a list of all the local radio talk shows in the entire state with contact information for all of them. You can email the show’s program director to request a time to talk or simply call the call-in number and get on the air. If we all commit to making this a MAJOR effort, we can make this issue the talk of Texas. This is what we must do in order to defeat Bush.  

Range Files for Ballot Place

After announcing his candidacy on November 1 in front of the Alamo, Rick Range officially filed for the office of Texas General Land Office Commissioner to oppose George P. Bush in the March 6 Republican Primary. Range said, "I am entering this race in order to restore integrity, efficiency, and accountability to this important office. I will be the conservative in this race." 

You can read Range's announcement  speech here.


You can view Range's announcemet speech here.

Lago in the Morning. KKTV 1360 News Radio.

Listen to Rick Range's recent interview with Jim Lago about the threat Land Commissioner George P. Bush poses to the Alamo as we know it.

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We are a grass roots organization dedicated to preserving the integrity of our most sacred Texas Shrine. Please stand with us in face of revisionist history elites and politically correct financiers of George P. Bush. Say NO to "Reimagine the Alamo."

Let's Save the Alamo Together

 "If enacted this plan by George P. Bush will be every bit as destructive to the Alamo as was the Mexican Army in 1836. Every Texan should be outraged.Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is foisting upon the people of Texas a horrible and disrespectful plan for the Alamo. He has consistently thwarted or ignored every objection by the citizens of this State and all attempts to stop it.The current plan for the Alamo is a looming disaster that must be prevented."- Rick Range 

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