Dallas Landmark Commission Approves Demolition Permit


Despite resounding opposition ...


Some of us attended the hearing of the Dallas Landmark Commission on Monday, March 4. Only three people spoke in favor of granting the demolition permit and about 25 of us spoke against it. The entire crowd present was only about 75 and the vast majority of them were against the demolition.  

After discussion, a motion was made to deny the permit and it failed 6 to 9.

Following more discussion, a motion was made to grant the permit. It passed 10 to 5—even though some of the members acknowledged that this was in direct violation of the Dallas Landmark Protection Ordinance.

There is now only one path left to save the Dallas monument. This decision can be appealed within 30 days, but that will only temporarily buy more time. 

However, I spoke with a number of people involved in filing a lawsuit to stop the removal. Hopefully, this legal action can drag things out past September 1. 

If we are able to get the Monument and Statue Protection Act passed in the State Legislature, it will go into effect on September 1 and this WILL save the Dallas Memorial. We will be providing you with information about this just as soon as the bills are assigned to committee in both houses of the Legislature.

Dallas City Council Elections May 4


At this time we are announcing our endorsement of Warren Johnson for Dallas City Council, District 14. He is running to defeat current Council Member Phillip Kingston. Kingston is the Council Member who is behind all of the statue removal actions, thinking that this will position him to later run for Mayor. Kingston was the prime initiator of the Lee Statue removal and the current move to destroy the downtown Confederate War Memorial.

Warren Johnson will be an EXCELLENT replacement. He is totally with us in our fight to stop the destruction of the Confederate War Memorial and all of the other heritage destruction that some on the Dallas City Council intend to implement. Unlike his two opponents, Mr. Johnson is a native Dallasite.

If you live in Dallas District 14 or know others who do, please do whatever you can to assist in his election, including telling all your neighbors and informing everyone else you know in the District about him.

For ANY of you who can assist Mr. Johnson in this race, here is his contact information:

Campaign Headquarters: 214-744-3810
Website: www.warrenjohnsontx.com
Email: warren@warrenjohnsontx.com

Mr. Johnson will make an excellent addition to the Council and be of key assistance in helping to stop the ongoing disgrace in Dallas.

Election Day is May 4. Early Voting runs from April 22 to April 30.

Rick Range

Dallas District 14 Boundaries


Below is a link that will show you the exact boundaries of Dallas City Council District 14. As we have previously stated, the Councilman currently representing this district is the one promoting all of the statue and landmark removals in the City of Dallas. His opponent, Warren Johnson adamantly supports preservation of these important historical landmarks. That is why we MUST get Mr. Johnson elected. 

Dallas District 14




Here are the two places you need to leave your message:


Your message can be very short and sweet. It should read something such as: “Please do not approve the Demolition Permit for the Confederate War Memorial. The City Council was presented with other and better options that will both preserve the beauty of the artistic structures and also be a more educational and unifying factor to our community.” You might also mention that such demolition would violate both the Antiquities Code and also the City Ordinances designating this site as an official historical landmark.

Remember that the vote is Monday, March 4. We must act immediately. We literally only have FOUR DAYS to impact this Commission!

Confederate Monument Threatened with Demolition


Fences are up and demolition signs posted. This historic Veterans Memorial in a cemetery will be destroyed by the city of Dallas if people do not stand up and let your voices be heard. Everyone needs to email and call:


In your letters/emails to Landmark Commission please be respectful and stick to the points. Disparaging the City Council is not the answer. We have to stick to all the historic reasons why the monument must remain in Pioneer Cemetery. You can express your feelings about your Confederate ancestors. Stay positive in your words and thoughts. Do not disparage those who will write in against us. They are not as well spoken as we are. Rise above the negative.

Please send snail mail letters to Elaine (Phyllis) Hill at the address below:

Elaine (Phyllis) Hill
Board Coordinator
Dallas Landmark Commission
1500 Marilla Street 5BN
Dallas, TX 75201

The letter inside the envelope should be addressed to:

Katherine Seale, Chairperson
Dallas Landmark Commission

Urgent Everyone!!! We Need Your Help!!!

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax has pulled a fast one. He submitted the certificate of demolition or removal today for the War Memorial that sits in a downtown cemetery and is forcing the Landmark Commission to consider and vote on the monument on Monday, March 4th. There will be no delay until April 1st for the public hearing nor no 65 days for them to consider the certificate.

Speakers must register to speak at the 1pm Landmark Commission meeting at 1pm on March 4th. Letters and emails must be sent to Elaine Hill (Phyllis) and Mark Doty Immediately.


It does not matter if you are or aren't a Dallas City/Dallas County resident. It just matters that you appeal for them to deny the application for the certificate of demolition/removal.

P.S.—The above information just now reached us. Please everybody email the two individuals listed IMMEDIATELY. This could well be our one shot to prevent this disaster. -Rick Range

Let's Keep the Momentum Going! SB 226 Can Save Our Monuments!

A few of you have asked what does the Confederate War Memorial issue in Dallas have to do with Save The Alamo. The short answer is, if the radicals are successful in removing Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis then Travis, Bowie, and Stephen F. Austin will be next on their list. You can bet on it.

In our post dated February 15 we told you the Dallas City Council had voted to remove and cut up into pieces the Confederate War Memorial located downtown. We asked you to call and email Senator Pat Fallon and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick urging them to pass Senate Bill 226 immediately. I want to let you know that I spoke with Sen. Fallon’s aide today and she told me that they were receiving a huge amount of support for his bill. I want to thank you all for such a great response.

Senator Fallon’s bill was filed and has now been sent to the Senate State Affairs Committee which is chaired by Senator Joan Huffman.

Over 95 percent of bills filed in the State Legislature die in committee—they never make it on to the floor for a full vote. Only the handful of bills with the greatest amount of support do so. Chances are good that this bill will pass if it gets out of committee and is sent to the full Senate for a vote.

It is therefore critical that we NOW contact Sen. Huffman—Chair of this committee. She and Lt. Gov. Patrick will largely determine if this bill gets sent out for a full vote. Please call and email both of them. The message can be very simple such as “Please pass S.B. 226.” Each call and email is individually counted and each one adds to the tally. The bills receiving the highest amount of support are those that get sent out of the committee for passage.

Senator Huffman’s contact information is:

Lt. Gov. Patrick’s contact information is:

Please forward this information to anyone you think would be willing to help and please SHARE this message. Remember that all of your family members can also send a call and an email—all of these will each count towards the total. We must flood them with an avalanche of support for this bill. Thank you all very much.

-Rick Range

P.S.— This situation is critical and only immediate action by thousands of us can prevent this tragedy. To moan and groan about these travesties accomplishes absolutely nothing. ACTION on our part right now can make the difference and protect ALL of our heritage if we get this one bill passed. Please do all you can while we still have the chance and please act NOW.



The Most Realistic Alamo Battle Model Ever Made


On Thursday morning, December 13, 2018 Tom Feely and his wife, Nancy, flew into Dallas for a meeting at the Hall of State in Fair Park with the Executive Director and both the retiring and current Curator of Exhibits. There Tom explained the Diorama in detail and they discussed the specifics about its transfer.

Afterwards the Hall of State folks showed them some of the Alamo artifacts that are in storage at the Hall of State. They intend to use these to create an Alamo exhibit to accompany Feely’s Diorama. These include Fannin’s watch given to him by his grandfather, a pistol recovered from Old Mexico believed to have possibly been that of Crockett at the Alamo, Santa Anna’s spurs captured at San Jacinto as well as a framed Dolores Calvary guidon (flag) captured right outside Santa Anna’s tent that would also have been at the Battle of the Alamo, among others.

Rick Range also agreed to let them have a couple of Alamo items that he has, and he also volunteered to procure some additional ones owned by other individuals throughout Texas.

Tom had never seen the Hall of State before and he was mightily impressed both by it and the people in charge. Due to the situation at the Alamo, he fully agreed that this will be an excellent venue for the Diorama, one where it will be appreciated and people can come from all over and see it for free.

This Diorama is the largest of its kind in the world (24 feet by 14 feet), and by far the most accurate in every detail, including almost 2,000 hand-painted figures of the soldiers and animals. 


So much for San Antonio—it is their loss. George P. Bush and company have already removed Tom’s earlier outdated Alamo battle diorama. They can now have their new politically correct museum (if it ever gets built) chock full of multi-heritage artifacts unrelated to the 1836 Battle. But here in Dallas we will proudly have the Alamo Battle on full glorious display for all the world to see as it has never been portrayed before. 

(All of the current models and depictions of the Alamo in San Antonio are based on old research and contain major inaccuracies.) 

Dallas will be the place to come if you want to see what the 1836 Alamo and the Battle actually looked like in all its realism.

The Hall of State is to shortly begin preparation of the space for the Alamo Exhibit and Diorama. Plans are to have the Hall of State people transport the Diorama to Dallas from Pennsylvania sometime after April. After twenty years’ work, this tremendous historical piece will finally be on full public display in Texas. 

Hall of State at Fair Park, Dallas

Originally called the State of Texas Building, the Hall of State originally debuted in 1836 as part of the Texas Centennial Exhibition. 

Eventually designed by Donald Barthelme, the building is a premier example of Cret's Modernism. The design blends classicism and Art Deco – with a few Texas motifs (cacti, oil wells) tossed in for good measure.

Crafted from Texas limestone, The Hall of State was, at a cost of $1.2 million, the most expensive building per square foot built in Texas at the time.


Breaking News

George P. Bush signs plan to overhaul Alamo Plaza

Bush signed the proposal over the objections of several Republican lawmakers.

BY CASSANDRA POLLOCK SEPT. 13, 2018    Texas Tribune

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has signed a proposal to overhaul Alamo Plaza, he announced Thursday morning.

"Yesterday I signed the resolution advancing the Alamo plan," Bush tweeted. "I ask the mayor to join me in executing this plan to treat the Alamo with the respect and reverence it deserves. God bless the Alamo and God bless Texas."

The proposal, which has drawn backlash in recent months from some Republicans in the Texas Legislature, was unanimously approved last week by the Alamo Management Committee and then sent to Bush and San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg. Nirenberg's office told The Texas Tribune on Thursday afternoon that there are still a number of steps to work through before the mayor can approve the plan.

Bush's announcement comes the day before a number of Republican lawmakers, including state Reps. Kyle Biedermann of Fredericksburg and Lyle Larson of San Antonio, were scheduled to hold a news conference on Alamo grounds opposing the plan. A spokesperson for the group confirmed Thursday afternoon that they still planned to hold the event.

Another state lawmaker, state Sen. Donna Campbell of New Braunfels, penned a Sept. 6 letter to Bush highlighting her concerns over relocating the Alamo Cenotaph, a 60-foot-tall monument currently located near the center of the Alamo Plaza. The overhaul plan, according to news reports, suggests moving the Cenotaph about 500 feet south.

“Many questions about the expense and feasibility of removing and relocating such a massive and beautiful monument without damaging it have not been addressed,” she wrote. “I urge the committee and the land office to slow down, prioritize accountability to the citizens of Texas, and reconsider the delicate history that is being reimagined here at an undetermined cost.”

There's also the question of how the state's regulatory requirements would impact the project.

In a letter dated Aug. 22, Texas Historical Commission Executive Director Mark Wolfe clarified to Bush and Niremberg the role the commission plays in the decision-making process. Wolfe said "work on, or alterations to [state archaeological landmarks] requires the issuance of a permit by the THC," adding that since the Cenotaph is on Alamo grounds, it is subject to those same provisions under state statute.

Bush's office told the Tribune on Thursday afternoon that it plans to request permits for items owned by the General Land Office when appropriate. The office also said that the city of San Antonio owns the Cenotaph and would be responsible for requesting a permit to relocate it. Nirenberg's office said in a statement to the Tribune that San Antonio "will go through every regulatory agency required."

Meanwhile, another debate over the Alamo has recently dominated Texas headlines. After a working group of the State Board of Education had proposed removing “heroic” when defining Alamo defenders from the seventh-grade social studies curriculum, Gov. Greg Abbott and other Texas elected officials — including Bush — called on Texans to stop what Abbott described as “political correctness” in schools. The board changed course after the backlash and tentatively voted earlier this week to keep the language intact.

The Cenotaph will move

Despite outcries from historical and heritage organizations as well as loud protests from Texas citizens, it appears the plan will be implemented.



Recent polling as well as other data indicates that the race for Texas General Land Office Commissioner will most likely be the closest statewide race in Texas this November. In fact, it may very well be decided by a razor-thin margin. Due to this fact OUR votes will be extremely critical in this race—probably determinative.

This conclusion is based on a compilation of several very reputable polls recently conducted with regard to the statewide races on the ballot this November, as well as a detailed analysis of the votes cast in each of the state’s 254 counties in the race for Texas General Land Office Commissioner in both the Democratic and Republican Primaries in March of 2018.

In light of this situation, we MUST not cast a protest vote that achieves nothing by squandering it on a minor party candidate. That is all it would end up being—a protest. No independent or third-party candidate (no matter how deserving) has ever even come in SECOND place—much less first—in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF TEXAS. And it is not going to happen this time. YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK. 

No, we must cast a WINNING vote—one that can actually DEFEAT Bush, and that means a vote for Miguel Suazo. Suazo will be an excellent Commissioner to oversee the Alamo plan, and there is no VALID reason for NOT supporting him for this position.

Remember that this is our last chance to save the Alamo and the Cenotaph. We only have to surpass Bush by ONE SINGLE VOTE in order to prevail on November 6. It could be YOUR vote that determines whether or not Bush is re-elected. Please seriously bear that in mind when you make your decision. The entire future of the Alamo is INFINITELY more important than any party label.  

                                                                        -Rick Range-

P.S.— You can also go to this post on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/savethealamotogether/ and hit Share. If we get the word out widely enough, this race is definitely winnable.                               


Must Read


Excellent Summary of the Reason We Fight for the Alamo

 Tony E. Arterburn, Jr. is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper, a veteran of three foreign wars, radio host, published columnist, and world champion powerlifter. He lives with his wife Melissa, son Houston, and chocolate lab Layla in San Antonio, Texas.  

He has written this thoughtful and thought-provoking piece that we wanted to share with you. 


read the article

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Heroes and History are under Assault


We are a grass roots organization dedicated to preserving the integrity of our most sacred Texas Shrine. Please stand with us in face of revisionist history elites and politically correct financiers of George P. Bush. Say NO to "Reimagine the Alamo."

Let's Save the Alamo Together

 "If enacted this plan by George P. Bush will be every bit as destructive to the Alamo as was the Mexican Army in 1836. Every Texan should be outraged.Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is foisting upon the people of Texas a horrible and disrespectful plan for the Alamo. He has consistently thwarted or ignored every objection by the citizens of this State and all attempts to stop it.The current plan for the Alamo is a looming disaster that must be prevented."- Rick Range 

2017-2018 Save the Alamo Committee - Rick Range Founder

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Position Statement

Announcement: Defeat of George P. Bush


Today we of the Save The Alamo Committee want to announce our full endorsement of Miguel Suazo in his race to defeat George P. Bush as Texas General Land Office Commissioner on November 6.

I can tell you that Mr. Suazo is fully versed on all aspects of the Alamo—both the past and the present situation that we have been dealing with. I have had numerous meetings and conversations with him lasting several hours, and I can assure you that Mr. Suazo is totally in agreement with what we all have been fighting for. To list a few major points:

               1. The Battle of 1836 and the heroism of the Defenders shall remain the primary focus of any future plans for the Alamo.

2. The Cenotaph memorial to the Alamo Defenders shall not be moved one inch from where it currently stands.

3. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas shall be restored to their proper role at the Alamo.                         

All of these points and more are publicly listed on Mr. Suazo’s website at https://www.miguelsuazo.org/media/remembering-the-alamo. He is imminently qualified and has well-thought-out positions on all the duties of the Land Office.

On the other hand, from his past actions and personal philosophy (“The focus of the Alamo has to be taken off the battle in order to promote unity and not division in our society”), we know that the defeat of George P. Bush is absolutely essential if we are to save the Alamo from political revisionism. If not, the entire future of the Alamo will be based on plans promoted by the politically correct Mayor and City Council of San Antonio, along with the Castro brothers and all the other radicals of their ilk. They have made no bones about their intent, and Bush has neither the spine nor the inclination to stand up to them. He has amply demonstrated that he cannot be trusted with the future of the Alamo.

Make no mistake, Democratic nominee Miguel Suazo is the one and only candidate capable of defeating George P. Bush in the General Election. A vote for anyone else, Libertarian Party candidate Matt Piña or otherwise, will do nothing to further this goal. Fifty percent is not required, and there is no run-off. Unlike the Primary, whoever receives the largest number of raw votes in this General Election automatically wins. Regardless of party affiliation, it is critical that we use our votes and support in the only manner capable of defeating Bush. A vote for anyone else will in effect be wasted. That is just the reality of the situation. And voting against Bush will have no negative effect whatsoever on any of the rest of the Republican ticket. (I myself personally intend to vote for all of them except for Bush.) Nonetheless, the entire future of the Alamo is infinitely more important than blind loyalty to any particular political party. What’s more, Bush has clearly proven that he does not merit the vote of any true Republican. Unlike Mr. Bush’s preposterous claim of being “the most conservative Land Commissioner in the history of Texas,” Miguel Suazo is indisputably the real conservative when it comes to the Alamo, the Cenotaph, and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

If ALL of us do our part, we can be the army that helps to push Suazo over the goal line. In the March 6 primaries, the combined Democratic vote for the GLO was 943,932, the vote for Bush was 859,209, and the combined anti-Bush Republican vote was 617,356. Together this would equate to:  Suazo—39.0 percent, Bush—35.5 percent, and the anti-Bush Republicans—25.5 percent. It is obvious that our votes could very well determine the outcome of this race. Now is the time that we must all unite and do everything in our power to defeat George P. Bush. The future of the Alamo depends on it.

                                                   Remember the Alamo!

                                   Rick Range

P.S.—Please share this message with everyone that you possibly can. This will dramatically magnify our impact. It is imperative that we get this word out to each and every single person who voted against Bush in the Republican Primary, and beyond. And remember that this is absolutely our last chance to stop Bush and save the Alamo for posterity. The good news is that this race is winnable. Forty-two percent of the voters in Bush’s own party have already cast a vote against him last March. We must now ensure that they all do so again in November.