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In 1952 the Democratic Governor of Texas, Allan Shivers, and the State Democratic Executive Committee, did something unusual in politics: they put their state ahead of their party and endorsed the Republican candidate for President, Dwight David Eisenhower. 

The issue was 3.5 million oil & gas rich acres of submerged land in the Gulf of Mexico that Texas had title to since it entered the Union in 1846—acres lost due to a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1950.  Democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson supported federal ownership.  Eisenhower supported Texas. Governor Shivers and the Texas Democratic party endorsed Dwight Eisenhower. Dwight won, and Texas reclaimed ownership to its submerged lands, making billions of dollars dedicated to public education.


Today there's another issue of equal importance—the current mismanagement of the Shrine of Texas Liberty, the Alamo. The multiple nonprofit entities not subject to public disclosure and failed litigation against the Daughters of the Republic of Texas are just part of the story. On the issue of the removal of the Cenotaph, it was Bush himself who originally requested last year that the City of San Antonio pass the motion to remove the Cenotaph. Furthermore, Bush has full veto power on any element of the plan and he knows this full well. 

The GLO's botched Hurricane Harvey recovery effort and Bush's recent decision to cease sending money to the SBOE for public education are other examples of the Bush General Land Office’s "amateur hour" of woe. 

Former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, and Alamo historian Rick Range, after long discussions with the Democratic GLO candidate, have decided to have an Allan Shivers, or maybe a Spartacus moment, and endorse the Democratic nominee, oil & gas attorney Miguel Suazo. Both Patterson and Range opposed Bush in the 2018 Republican primary.

Bush's 2014 Republican primary opponent, David Watts has unequivocally stated he will not vote for Bush in November, as has Commissioner Bush's other 2018 primary opponent, Davey Edwards. 

This is quite possibly a first in the rich political history of Texas; all of the past primary opponents of a statewide candidate are voting for the other party nominee. - Jerry Patterson 

November 6 is Critical

For the first time since 1952, the State of Texas comes first in political candidates' hearts. Republican challengers are crossing party lines and endorsing Democratic candidate Miguel Suazo for Texas General Land Office Commissioner.



The final version of the “Reimagine the Alamo” plan was passed by the Advisory Committee on Thursday, August 30th. It STILL includes MOVING THE ALAMO CENOTAPH. (Objectors and opponents were ejected by the Police.) All that remains is approval by George P. Bush and the San Antonio Mayor and a final vote by the City Council, probably in mid-October. Then it will be done. That’s it. The Cenotaph will go.

There now remains only one single way of stopping this. Both the Mayor and the LAND OFFICE COMMISSIONER have ABSOLUTE VETO POWER over any element of the plan. Both Bush and the Mayor are fully committed to moving the Cenotaph.

Bush faces re-election in November and there is only one candidate who CAN defeat him—Miguel Suazo. Suazo has publicly vowed that he WILL VETO any effort to move the Cenotaph. There is the choice. These are the facts, and this is the reality. If you REALLY want to save the Cenotaph, there is only one logical conclusion. 

Don’t cry later once the Cenotaph is gone because you obstinately refused to vote for a DEMOCRAT just so you could say that you maintained your ideological purity. You DID have the opportunity to stop this travesty; you simply refused to employ it.

Let’s prevent this irreversible tragedy while we still have the chance. On November 6 VOTE FOR MIGUEL SUAZO and get everyone else you possibly can to do the same. We CAN defeat Bush and we CAN still save the Cenotaph. And this is the ONLY way. -Rick Range-


Miguel Suazo posted this comment to his Facebook page on August 31, 2018.

"There's only one way to Save the Alamo. To vote George P. Bush out of office. He won't defend the Alamo. I will, using the full weight and power vested in the Land Commissioner by the TX Legislature. This plan is wrong on history, wrong on respect, wrong on the Cenotaph, and wrong by not keeping Texans in control of THEIR Alamo. Those working on this plan better start drawing up a plan that entails keeping the Cenotaph where it is because when I end the Bush Dynasty in TX in November, that's where it's going to stay, out of respect for the fallen. But, I need your help to do it! VOTE for the Alamo!"

The Daughters of the Texas Republic posted to their Facebook page on August 31, 2018.

"This site doesn’t usually post current events; however, after receiving many phone calls & emails wanting to know what is happening with the Alamo, ..."

And this is the article that prompted us, Miguel Suazo, and the DTR to post these comments.


Alamo committee moves ahead with plaza makeover during tense meeting

About a dozen onlookers were removed from the meeting when they spoke out in protest of the plan.

Breaking News

George P. Bush signs plan to overhaul Alamo Plaza

Bush signed the proposal over the objections of several Republican lawmakers.

BY CASSANDRA POLLOCK SEPT. 13, 2018    Texas Tribune

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has signed a proposal to overhaul Alamo Plaza, he announced Thursday morning.

"Yesterday I signed the resolution advancing the Alamo plan," Bush tweeted. "I ask the mayor to join me in executing this plan to treat the Alamo with the respect and reverence it deserves. God bless the Alamo and God bless Texas."

The proposal, which has drawn backlash in recent months from some Republicans in the Texas Legislature, was unanimously approved last week by the Alamo Management Committee and then sent to Bush and San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg. Nirenberg's office told The Texas Tribune on Thursday afternoon that there are still a number of steps to work through before the mayor can approve the plan.

Bush's announcement comes the day before a number of Republican lawmakers, including state Reps. Kyle Biedermann of Fredericksburg and Lyle Larson of San Antonio, were scheduled to hold a news conference on Alamo grounds opposing the plan. A spokesperson for the group confirmed Thursday afternoon that they still planned to hold the event.

Another state lawmaker, state Sen. Donna Campbell of New Braunfels, penned a Sept. 6 letter to Bush highlighting her concerns over relocating the Alamo Cenotaph, a 60-foot-tall monument currently located near the center of the Alamo Plaza. The overhaul plan, according to news reports, suggests moving the Cenotaph about 500 feet south.

“Many questions about the expense and feasibility of removing and relocating such a massive and beautiful monument without damaging it have not been addressed,” she wrote. “I urge the committee and the land office to slow down, prioritize accountability to the citizens of Texas, and reconsider the delicate history that is being reimagined here at an undetermined cost.”

There's also the question of how the state's regulatory requirements would impact the project.

In a letter dated Aug. 22, Texas Historical Commission Executive Director Mark Wolfe clarified to Bush and Niremberg the role the commission plays in the decision-making process. Wolfe said "work on, or alterations to [state archaeological landmarks] requires the issuance of a permit by the THC," adding that since the Cenotaph is on Alamo grounds, it is subject to those same provisions under state statute.

Bush's office told the Tribune on Thursday afternoon that it plans to request permits for items owned by the General Land Office when appropriate. The office also said that the city of San Antonio owns the Cenotaph and would be responsible for requesting a permit to relocate it. Nirenberg's office said in a statement to the Tribune that San Antonio "will go through every regulatory agency required."

Meanwhile, another debate over the Alamo has recently dominated Texas headlines. After a working group of the State Board of Education had proposed removing “heroic” when defining Alamo defenders from the seventh-grade social studies curriculum, Gov. Greg Abbott and other Texas elected officials — including Bush — called on Texans to stop what Abbott described as “political correctness” in schools. The board changed course after the backlash and tentatively voted earlier this week to keep the language intact.

The Cenotaph will move

Despite outcries from historical and heritage organizations as well as loud protests from Texas citizens, it appears the plan will be implemented.



Recent polling as well as other data indicates that the race for Texas General Land Office Commissioner will most likely be the closest statewide race in Texas this November. In fact, it may very well be decided by a razor-thin margin. Due to this fact OUR votes will be extremely critical in this race—probably determinative.

This conclusion is based on a compilation of several very reputable polls recently conducted with regard to the statewide races on the ballot this November, as well as a detailed analysis of the votes cast in each of the state’s 254 counties in the race for Texas General Land Office Commissioner in both the Democratic and Republican Primaries in March of 2018.

In light of this situation, we MUST not cast a protest vote that achieves nothing by squandering it on a minor party candidate. That is all it would end up being—a protest. No independent or third-party candidate (no matter how deserving) has ever even come in SECOND place—much less first—in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF TEXAS. And it is not going to happen this time. YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK. 

No, we must cast a WINNING vote—one that can actually DEFEAT Bush, and that means a vote for Miguel Suazo. Suazo will be an excellent Commissioner to oversee the Alamo plan, and there is no VALID reason for NOT supporting him for this position.

Remember that this is our last chance to save the Alamo and the Cenotaph. We only have to surpass Bush by ONE SINGLE VOTE in order to prevail on November 6. It could be YOUR vote that determines whether or not Bush is re-elected. Please seriously bear that in mind when you make your decision. The entire future of the Alamo is INFINITELY more important than any party label.  

                                                                        -Rick Range-

P.S.— You can also go to this post on our Facebook page at and hit Share. If we get the word out widely enough, this race is definitely winnable.                               

Latest News

Suazo 'Likes His Chances' in Bid to Unseat Bush

 When voters head to the polls in November, one attorney hopes to claim the votes of millions of Texans who have never considered voting for a Democrat before now. 

Councilman Treviño Doubles-Down on Removing Alamo Cenotaph

Last Wednesday, San Antonio City Councilman Roberto Treviño hosted yet another meeting to convince an incensed public that the General Land Office’s unpopular and expensive plans to re-imagine the Alamo are actually awesome, while simultaneously reassuring them that the ambitious initiative is going forward, no matter how much it is hated. 

City still firm on moving the Cenotaph


A new draft plan for the Alamo to be shown publicly next month will include renderings that illustrate why the 1930s Cenotaph has to be moved to provide a better visitor experience, City Councilman Roberto Treviño told about 150 people at a meeting Wednesday night.

Restore, don't relocate the Cenotaph

A proposal to relocate the Cenotaph to a nearby location has generated opposition.



Today we of the Save The Alamo Committee want to announce our full endorsement of Miguel Suazo in his race to defeat George P. Bush as Texas General Land Office Commissioner on November 6.

Officials try to avoid battle over Alamo plan

When a committee takes another look this week at a proposed plan for redoing Alamo Plaza, it will see some different options on the table.

News Since March 2018

Second Alamo meeting draws larger, quieter crowd — and more criticism

The second in a series of four meetings on a draft plan for Alamo plaza drew a larger but more sedate crowd, but Tuesday’s participants also criticized the proposed street closures, demolitions — and any efforts to move the Cenotaph, which drew opposition from a councilman in attendance.

Meeting on Alamo plan turns heated

Nearly 100 people turned up to discuss a proposed Alamo plan at a public meeting that became heated Monday night. 

Donald Trump Jr. Cancels Fundraiser

Donald Trump Jr. has canceled a fundraiser he was scheduled to hold for Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush after multiple members of the Bush family levied harsh criticism at President Donald Trump’s administration for its enforcement of immigration laws.

Proposed Alamo plan would overhaul heart of downtown but is stirring controversy

 A new $450 million re-imagination of the Alamo seeks to triple the size of its historic plaza at the heart of downtown and turn what now is a cramped, touristy experience into what one design consultant called a shaded, parklike “place of reverence and learning.” 

Analysis: When George P. Bush says something is fake news, remember the Alamo


As the election season rolls on, keep this in mind when Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush opens his mouth: The officeholder from the state’s best-known political family certainly knows how to spin a story.

Alamo Audit Recommends Operational Changes


A final audit addressing financial operations at the Alamo is in the crossfire of a battle between Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush and the Democratic candidate hoping to unseat him.

Earlier News

George P. Bush reaped $111,000 from contractors at the agency he leads


Since George P. Bush took over the Texas General Land Office in 2015, the agency has awarded about $164 million worth of state contracts to 12 companies with employees or political committees that have donated to Bush’s campaign, public records show.

Together, the 12 companies and their employees have given at least $111,175 to Bush’s campaign.

EXCLUSIVE: George P. Bush slammed by audit over Alamo concerns


On Dec. 5, the state Senate Finance Committee questioned Land Commissioner George P. Bush and the agency’s general counsel, Jeff Gordon, about the three nonprofits the General Land Office had set up to manage, promote and raise money for the Alamo — each with its own mission but with identical boards made up of Bush and 10 of the state’s most recognizable movers and shakers.

Dispute breaks out over leaked Alamo draft audit

An unfinished draft audit report on the Alamo—perhaps the latest political volley surreptitiously fired in a heated race for Texas land commissioner—has renewed concerns that the future of the Teas shrine has gotten mired in bureaucracy.

Imagining the Alamo Cenotaph right Where it Is

Knowing that the Alamo is the Texas Cradle of Liberty, it boggles the mind as to why the empty tomb memorializing the heroes of the Battle of the Alamo would be moved to an as yet unknown destination.

George P. Bush: Confederate Heroes Day Should Not be a Texas holiday

Land Commissioner George P. Bush told the editorial board of

Bryan-College-Station’s The Eagle that he believes Confederate

Heroes Day should not be a Texas state holiday.

George P. Bush says he misspoke in calling for special session on Hurricane Harvey relief

"The Legislature needs to ake a deep look at the Rainy Day Fund. We need a special session, and the governor needs to call it."

Three Republican TX Land Commissioner Candidates United by Common Thread: Save the Alamo!

The theme of this past Monday evening’s Kaufman County Tea Party-sponsored Land Commissioner Candidate Forum was “Remember the Alamo – just as it was,” as opposed to current Land Commissioner George P. Bush’s approach to “Re-Imagine the


Controversy erupts over proposal to relocate Alamo Plaza monument

"Right here, on this spot, is where the souls left the bodies of the Alamo defenders," said White.

After Land Office inks Harvey contract, Land Commissioner Bush gets donations from contractor

The government’s seemingly sluggish response to Hurricane Harvey has been a headache for Land Commissioner George P. Bush, whose office plays a major role in getting Texans back into damaged homes.

One company that is trying to help him out — in more ways than one — is Horne

LLP, a big accounting firm that provides disaster recovery services to governments.

Must Read

Excellent Summary of the Reason We Fight for the Alamo

 Tony E. Arterburn, Jr. is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper, a veteran of three foreign wars, radio host, published columnist, and world champion powerlifter. He lives with his wife Melissa, son Houston, and chocolate lab Layla in San Antonio, Texas.  

He has written this thoughtful and thought-provoking piece that we wanted to share with you. 


February 23 Range Speech at the Cenotaph

February 23, 2018 commemorates the anniversary of the commencement of the Siege of the Alamo. Following the commemoration march, the Cenotaph became the focus of numerous speeches, including this one by Rick Range.

Rick Range discusses how to Save the Alamo

Check out this great video. It tells the whole story.

Range Discussion with KCRS

Multiple issues plague the Texas General Land Office since George P. Bush took office in 2015. Rick Range discusses those issues in a KCRS interview on February 13. The primary concerns, Range says, are Bush's Alamo Master Plan. the Harvey recovery, and veterans' affairs.

Range Radio Ad February 12, 2018

What you need to know in a nutshell.

Lago in the Morning. KKTV 1360 News Radio.

Listen to Rick Range's recent interview with Jim Lago about the threat Land Commissioner George P. Bush poses to the Alamo as we know it.

Defend the Alamo

Be a Modern-Day Defender of the Alamo

Heroes and History are under Assault

We are a grass roots organization dedicated to preserving the integrity of our most sacred Texas Shrine. Please stand with us in face of revisionist history elites and politically correct financiers of George P. Bush. Say NO to "Reimagine the Alamo."

Let's Save the Alamo Together

 "If enacted this plan by George P. Bush will be every bit as destructive to the Alamo as was the Mexican Army in 1836. Every Texan should be outraged.Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is foisting upon the people of Texas a horrible and disrespectful plan for the Alamo. He has consistently thwarted or ignored every objection by the citizens of this State and all attempts to stop it.The current plan for the Alamo is a looming disaster that must be prevented."- Rick Range 

2017-2018 Save the Alamo Committee - Rick Range Founder

Fighting 24/7