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The election is over, and we did not meet our goal, but we did not fail. Only had we done nothing would we have failed. I cannot say that about my contributors and helpers who sacrificed so much to save our beloved Alamo from Bush’s plan that will now become a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have no words to express how much your help and encouragement meant to me. We made a formidable team and I’m proud of you.

If there is a consolation that we can take away from this, it’s that some of the elements of the reimagine plan—those that the planners most mention—nobody objects to. We all want the structures stabilized and preserved. We all want streets closed and the battleground footprint recaptured. Doing away with the tourist-trap businesses across the street is a plus in everybody’s mind. We all want a world-class museum for artifacts, including the Phil Collins collection that now sits in a warehouse somewhere. 

It’s the line items they don’t present to the people—that they skirt whenever questioned—that we always took issue with. Moving the Cenotaph—is that to satisfy those who also have called for removal of Civil War monuments? Wiping out all the vegetation in the compound—is that to recreate the barren appearance of the plaza or to clear the view from atop the museum where they plan to put a restaurant and observation deck? If that’s the case, then why do they plan an interpreted acequia along the front of the museum complete with flowing water which did not exist at the time of the 1836 battle? Why do they plan canopies and picnic tables along the inside of one wall? Why is it necessary to wipe out the botanical garden behind the Church if the view they desire is from across the street at the front of the Church?

But more than the physical changes, we object to the historical inaccuracies and the total disrespect for the sacred site and the defenders who died there—for all who died there—women and children sheltered at the Alamo those thirteen days. We know of 189 defenders, but the body count runs up to 257, depending on the report we consult. Women and children died there too.

The Alamo is not an attraction, not a theme park, not a city park for leisurely strolls. It’s a place of reverence, honor, and respect for the events that took place there in the name of liberty and the right to self-govern when a despotic President in Mexico took iron-clad control of the region, disallowing immigration, taxing trade, and refusing pleas from Texans—whom the Mexican government threw in prison.

Yes, my friends, we fought a good fight. And to tell you the truth, I can’t for the life of me figure out why so many other Texans just rolled over and let it happen. Unfortunately, they’ll get the Alamo they deserve, but we also will lose the Alamo we deserve.

In my estimation, defeating George P. Bush at the polls was the last-ditch effort, the fallback plan, the last stand for brave Alamo defenders in 2018. With every other avenue exhausted, and believe me, we flooded the Austin government offices with our objections to avail naught. It is ironic that again, a government that refused to listen to the pleas of the people, trod all over our rights, shoved forward with this plan and used our tax dollars to do it. 

The news media, those fine, non-biased, agencies whose sole function is to report facts, refused to report in the beginning, and then when things got soupy for Mr. Bush and the handling of his office, it was reported in two or three sources, but other major media across the state refused to pick it up. I must believe that Texans would have responded had they been made aware in time to cast an educated vote.

Thank you again. It was an honor to work with you all.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Rick Range 


March 6, 2018—The Second Tragedy for the Alamo

I know you have all seen the disastrous election results. The fate of my particular campaign is irrelevant, but with the failure of any of us to pull George P. Bush into a runoff, the Alamo is now lost. Bush and his minions will be completely free to do whatever they want—including the removal of the Cenotaph.

To those of my supporters who worked so hard and sacrificed as much as they could to help me save the Alamo—I can never thank you enough. I will be eternally grateful. You are the true patriots. To the 98 percent plus of our more than eight thousand “followers” who did absolutely nothing—You will now get the Alamo that you deserve.

I will tell you that despite the generosity of a relatively small number of individuals, I paid for well over 90 percent of this entire campaign directly out of my own pocket. However, I have no regrets. I would do nothing different. My only regret is that we were not successful.

The news media of this state from day one utterly and totally failed in their duty to inform the citizens about the dire situation at the Alamo. 

Nevertheless, I am satisfied that we did everything humanly possible for over seven months to educate them. To this day many of them still do not know. But I do believe that enough were aware that we should not have had this outcome at the polls.

I can only conclude that, regardless of Bush’s abject failure in nearly every aspect of his job responsibilities, and his complete refusal to even appear at any of the multiple campaign events to ask for their vote, the majority of the current citizens of Texas considered it more important to blindly vote for a famous last name in spite of any other consideration. Many who did know about the Alamo plight apparently did not care. And if there were ever a scoundrel who deserved a severe thrashing at the polls, it was he. A man who has more than once publicly committed to eliminating our heritage. Evidently a majority of “Texans” now consider it alright for a scalawag like George P. Bush to bring in out-of-state carpetbaggers to dishonor the Alamo and line their pockets with millions of our tax dollars in the process. I find this beyond belief. In any case, the people of Texas neglected to answer the call. So be it.

Texas has failed the Alamo once again, and this time there is no excuse. The storied Alamo of fame and glory will finally be erased, but the people of Texas are no longer worthy of it. They too will get the Alamo they deserve, and unfortunately, so too will all of posterity.

I have but one consolation: Some of us tried.

                                                                                    Rick Range


Must Read

Excellent Summary of the Reason We Fight for the Alamo

 Tony E. Arterburn, Jr. is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper, a veteran of three foreign wars, radio host, published columnist, and world champion powerlifter. He lives with his wife Melissa, son Houston, and chocolate lab Layla in San Antonio, Texas.  

He has written this thoughtful and thought-provoking piece that we wanted to share with you. 


February 23 Range Speech at the Cenotaph

February 23, 2018 commemorates the anniversary of the commencement of the Siege of the Alamo. Following the commemoration march, the Cenotaph became the focus of numerous speeches, including this one by Rick Range.

Rick Range discusses how to Save the Alamo

Check out this great video. It tells the whole story.

Range Discussion with KCRS

Multiple issues plague the Texas General Land Office since George P. Bush took office in 2015. Rick Range discusses those issues in a KCRS interview on February 13. The primary concerns, Range says, are Bush's Alamo Master Plan. the Harvey recovery, and veterans' affairs.

Range Radio Ad February 12, 2018

What you need to know in a nutshell.

Lago in the Morning. KKTV 1360 News Radio.

Listen to Rick Range's recent interview with Jim Lago about the threat Land Commissioner George P. Bush poses to the Alamo as we know it.

Breaking News

George P. Bush reaped $111,000 from contractors at the agency he leads


Since George P. Bush took over the Texas General Land Office in 2015, the agency has awarded about $164 million worth of state contracts to 12 companies with employees or political committees that have donated to Bush’s campaign, public records show.

Together, the 12 companies and their employees have given at least $111,175 to Bush’s campaign.

EXCLUSIVE: George P. Bush slammed by audit over Alamo concerns


On Dec. 5, the state Senate Finance Committee questioned Land Commissioner George P. Bush and the agency’s general counsel, Jeff Gordon, about the three nonprofits the General Land Office had set up to manage, promote and raise money for the Alamo — each with its own mission but with identical boards made up of Bush and 10 of the state’s most recognizable movers and shakers.

Dispute breaks out over leaked Alamo draft audit

An unfinished draft audit report on the Alamo—perhaps the latest political volley surreptitiously fired in a heated race for Texas land commissioner—has renewed concerns that the future of the Teas shrine has gotten mired in bureaucracy.

Imagining the Alamo Cenotaph right Where it Is

Knowing that the Alamo is the Texas Cradle of Liberty, it boggles the mind as to why the empty tomb memorializing the heroes of the Battle of the Alamo would be moved to an as yet unknown destination.

George P. Bush: Confederate Heroes Day Should Not be a Texas holiday

Land Commissioner George P. Bush told the editorial board of

Bryan-College-Station’s The Eagle that he believes Confederate

Heroes Day should not be a Texas state holiday.

George P. Bush says he misspoke in calling for special session on Hurricane Harvey relief

"The Legislature needs to ake a deep look at the Rainy Day Fund. We need a special session, and the governor needs to call it."

Three Republican TX Land Commissioner Candidates United by Common Thread: Save the Alamo!

The theme of this past Monday evening’s Kaufman County Tea Party-sponsored Land Commissioner Candidate Forum was “Remember the Alamo – just as it was,” as opposed to current Land Commissioner George P. Bush’s approach to “Re-Imagine the


Controversy erupts over proposal to relocate Alamo Plaza monument

"Right here, on this spot, is where the souls left the bodies of the Alamo defenders," said White.

After Land Office inks Harvey contract, Land Commissioner Bush gets donations from contractor

The government’s seemingly sluggish response to Hurricane Harvey has been a headache for Land Commissioner George P. Bush, whose office plays a major role in getting Texans back into damaged homes.

One company that is trying to help him out — in more ways than one — is Horne

LLP, a big accounting firm that provides disaster recovery services to governments.

Secrecy, transparency problems plague Bush

Bush's $450 million plan to "Reimagine the Alamo" shrouded in secrecy.

Bush Questioned over 'Convoluted' Oversight

The Texas Senate Finance Committee questioned "confusing" and "convoluted" oversight of the Alamo

Bush Grilled on Alamo Transparency

State legislators asked Bush to look for ways to provide more transparency in the management of the historic Alamo and 1836 battle site.

Bush faces challengers, criticism

 Controversy over the Texas Land Commissioner’s plans to “Re-imagine” the state’s most famous landmark has attracted three primary election opponents and put Bush on the hot seat for a bipartisan grilling by the Senate Finance Committee last week. 

Call to Action

I attended a January 5 Republican Candidate Forum which gave me encouragement and disappointment. The sizable crowd gave us a strong, positive response. However, in chatting afterwards with those party activists and engaged voters, we uncovered an appalling problem. 

After months of radio, social media, and personal interaction, a shocking number of people are still oblivious to the Bush Reimagine the Alamo plan that will turn the shrine into a politically-correct destination attraction. That can’t happen to the seat of Texas Independence and memorial to those who fought and died there in 1836.

Statewide Input Sought


According to the article, [Statewide Input Sought] the GLO has hired a St. Louis company, accompanied by a representative of the GLO, City of San Antonio, and the Alamo Endowment Board to travel around the state, collecting input from those of us whose voices have been heard through social media. Sounds great, right?

Seven Bucks to Save the Alamo


    Our appeal for donations in order to do a statewide mailing has not raised enough funds to do one. However, we won’t allow that to impede our campaign. We have a less costly alternative that should be almost as effective. It is the most cost-efficient way dollar-for-dollar to reach the mass of voters in such a huge state. 

     If ALL of our followers who have yet to contribute donate 7 dollars or more, that would enable us to do a statewide radio ad campaign. This special discounted package rate was arranged by one of our supporters. With that amount we could blast this entire state with our Alamo message from the Panhandle to the Valley. I have no doubt it would have a tremendous impact.

    We and those who have helped are fighting this battle just as hard as we can, but we can only go so far without adequate ammunition. We are going to do very well in this election, but with just a little help from everybody we could win the whole ballgame and ensure the future of the Alamo. Please consider for yourself whether that would be worth 7 bucks.

     We already have an ad with an excellent and powerful message ready in the can. It is now up to you whether we will be able to fire it. Please click the donate button below. Or mail a check to Rick Range Campaign at 702 Briarwood Dr., Garland, TX 75041 -Rick Range

P.S.— If we do this we are going to have to buy the ads very soon. (The deadline is February 5th.) If we are to deliver this powerful blow the time to act is now.

Rick Range Campaign

Support for the Rick Range Campaign

First, we want to take this opportunity to thank our many supporters who have so tirelessly worked to assist our efforts. It has been a long uphill battle, but thanks to you, we have made tremendous progress in spreading the message about the dire threat to the future of the Alamo.  

Now that Rick Range has officially filed as a candidate for Texas General Land Office Commissioner running against George P. Bush, we would like to ask all of our followers and supporters to make a one-time contribution of 25, 50, or 100 dollars to the campaign. So far this campaign has been almost entirely self-funded except for a few generous individuals.

We have a specific reason for making this request. If all of our followers donate an average amount of just $30, we will be able to do a statewide mailer to every single Republican Primary voter in State of Texas. In this one mailer we will be able to ensure that each and every voter is fully aware of what Bush has tried to do to the Alamo, as well as inform them about Rick Range's positions and qualifications for the office. We will also be able to make them aware of all of Rick's many major endorsements, such as National Right to Life and several others. Range is the conservative in this race. He is the one candidate that will take the fight to Bush and can beat him.

This one mailer will go a long way to negate the millions that Bush will undoubtedly spend getting out his misleading propaganda. It almost certainly would make a huge difference in the outcome of this election. And this is the only way to make absolutely certain that every person voting is aware of what is at stake.  

Thirty dollars is certainly not a huge sacrifice for any of us who truly care about the Alamo—but it could definitely determine the outcome. It could literally be the difference between victory and defeat. If you want to ensure the future of the Alamo that we all want, please step forward and do your part. If we all do this, victory is within our grasp.  

Spreading the Word

November 10, 2017 -- The good news is that if all the voters of Texas become aware of the Alamo issue, George P. Bush will go down in flames in the March Republican Primary Election. The bad news is that right now I would hazard a guess that perhaps 20 percent of the electorate knows anything about it, and that may be overly optimistic. 

Besides passing along information about the website to everyone you possibly can and have them do the same, there is one other technique you can all help with that will be very effective. 

Many Republican primary voters who may not do social media are regular listeners to local radio talk shows. I have already done about twenty radio interviews on these shows so far, covering most of the state. However there are two areas where we have had zero coverage. The largest is the Houston area which will comprise about one-third of the entire primary vote. The other is the Amarillo station which covers the entire Texas Panhandle.

It would be a great help if all of you would call in to these two shows and bring up the Alamo issue. The message can be very simple—Bush’s plan will take the focus off of the 1836 battle and turn the site into a money-making tourist theme park. For further details, you can refer all listeners to the website.  

The Houston show to call is the Michael Berry Show from 8-11am on Houston KTRH 740 AM. Their call-in number is 713-212-5874.

The Amarillo show to call is the Tim and Kelli Show from 5-9am on KGNC 710 AM. Their call-in number is 806-350-0710. You can all call in to these two shows regardless of what part of the state you live in.

Also, if you will send an email to we can furnish you with a list of all the local radio talk shows in the entire state with contact information for all of them. You can email the show’s program director to request a time to talk or simply call the call-in number and get on the air. If we all commit to making this a MAJOR effort, we can make this issue the talk of Texas. This is what we must do in order to defeat Bush.  

Range Files for Ballot Place

After announcing his candidacy on November 1 in front of the Alamo, Rick Range officially filed for the office of Texas General Land Office Commissioner to oppose George P. Bush in the March 6 Republican Primary. Range said, "I am entering this race in order to restore integrity, efficiency, and accountability to this important office. I will be the conservative in this race." 

You can read Range's announcement  speech here.


You can view Range's announcemet speech here.

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