The Second Battle of the Alamo


 A second Texas Revolution is currently brewing in the Lone Star State. This all comes as a result of a seemingly laudable plan promoted to and passed by the state's legislature some four years ago. The plan involved the rebuilding and improvement of the state's most iconic shrine—the Alamo. The plan as promoted and approved would have rebuilt certain historic structures present at the time of the 1836 battle, as well as give visitors there a better and more complete understanding of the physical environment existing at the time of the conflict. 

Consequent to the plan's passage, Texas General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush, whose office is now in charge of running the Alamo, brought in a number of out-of-state planners to design the project. What they came up with was something very different from what its backers originally envisioned. Much to their dismay, the originators of this effort were astounded to learn that the new focus of the Alamo would no longer be the 1836 battle for which it is world famous. In the words of Bush's Master Planner George Skarmeas, "We cannot single out one moment in time."

 Instead the Alamo would be transformed into a multi-cultural hodgepodge of world history. In fact, its very name would be changed. The site would no longer be referred to as the Alamo—instead, it would be known as the San Antonio de Valero Mission. And this does not comprise the full extent of the plan's disturbing features. 

Instead of rebuilding the mission's outer-perimeter defensive walls using the original limestone as has been done at the other four San Antonio missions, the Alamo's walls would be constructed of modern-day see-through German-made glass. Other bizarre aspects by the designers are also present, including a tree-lined body of flowing water coursing through the middle of the site's Main Plaza complete with tables, chairs, and canopies under which tourists may sip their drinks in comfort. In short, the effect will be more reminiscent of a modern-day tourist theme park than that of a hallowed and sacred battleground. 

Needless to say, upon learning these facts Texans across the state have met this plan with vociferous opposition. There are now statewide efforts ongoing to ensure that it is never implemented; these Texans are outraged and adamant that a plan conforming to the original intent of the legislature when proposed and passed be enacted. It is safe to assume that this fight will be loud and ugly. It is also highly likely that when it is over, George P. Bush's once-promising political career in the state will be finished.   

Why Action is Necessary

Alert! Alert! Alert!

Out of desperation, George P. Bush and his political henchmen have just today pulled another of their underhanded attempts to deceive the people of Texas. In addition to the new campaign website established October 4 entitled "," they have today put up a second website with the name of "SavetheAlamo.COM."       

This is a clear and blatant attempt to confuse the voters of the state by piggybacking onto our savethealamo.US website. They hope that by doing this they will divert viewers attempting to reach our website for the truth, but who will instead see theirs—riddled with all their false propaganda.       

This sly move is too clever by half. It is a definite indication of just how much hot water George P. Bush realizes he is now in. He can literally see his political future disappearing right before his very eyes.       

This latest desperate maneuver is due to all of the hard work that you have been doing. It is a sure sign of just how effective we have been. We now must keep spreading the word, including this latest example of the depth of deceit Bush will reach in order to save his political hide. Please spread the word about this. It can end up being another effective club to beat him over the head with. Keep up the fight!     

"Political language…is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." – George Orwell    



 1. Is it true that in an attempt to seize the Daughters of the Republic of Texas’s (DRT’s) Alamo artifact collection on Sunday, August 23, 2015, the General Land Office (GLO) unlawfully broke into and entered DRT’s Alamo Library premises, hacked DRT-owned computers, padlocked the entrance, and demanded that employees arriving for work Monday morning resign from DRT employment and become employees of the GLO, or be fired?    

2. Is it true that the resulting litigation related to this incident was resolved on June 23, 2016, when the court awarded the entire Alamo collection to the DRT and required the GLO to pay all the DRT’s court costs, clearly rebuffing the GLO’s underhanded and unlawful attempt to seize the property of the DRT?    

3. Is it true that the over $100 million appropriated by the legislature will be directly or indirectly funneled through various nonprofit corporate entities controlled by the GLO such as the Alamo Endowment (AE), or the Alamo Complex Management (ACM), in order to avoid compliance with Texas Public Information Act requirements for disclosure?   

4. Is it true that Commissioner Bush is the board chair, or appoints the board chair, of the AE, ACM, and other nonprofit corporations created by the GLO to manage the Alamo?   

5. Is it true that the GLO claims that the AE and ACM are exempt from the Texas Open Meetings Law as well as the Texas Open Records Law, even if they are receiving or disbursing legislatively appropriated tax dollars?  

6. Is it true that on February 21, 2017 while under oath Commissioner Bush testified before the Texas House Appropriations Committee that these nonprofit corporations comply with the Texas Open Meetings and the Texas Open Records Law?   

7. Is it true that the GLO has refused to honor Open Records requests made by investigative reporters such as Mike Ward of the Houston Chronicle seeking the financial records of the AE and ACM?  

8. Is it true the GLO has repeatedly requested supporting opinions from the Texas Attorney General in an attempt to avoid compliance with these Open Records requests?   

9. Is it true that Commissioner Bush or his office informed a concerned citizen that in order to sit on the board of the AE or the ACM overseeing the money, he would need to contribute or raise $250,000?   

10. Is it true that a new computer system, a new phone system, and a new vehicle for the GLO were purchased out of monies appropriated for the Alamo?   

11. Is it true that Commissioner Bush, as head of the GLO and as chair of the AE/ACM boards, has signed contracts between the GLO and the AE/ACM for BOTH parties creating a potential conflict of interest?   

12. Is it true that the GLO has paid a master planner $3.1 million, and at the request of that consultant paid another consultant $3 million for Alamo-related services?   

13. If all of the Alamo funds are being used legitimately, why was it deemed necessary to raise the projected total cost of this plan to over $450 million?    

14. Since the taxpayers of Texas are providing the vast majority of all of this money, why are they not entitled to know to whom and for what it is being spent?    

15. Is it true that in one of Commissioner Bush’s tweets he indicated that minimizing the significance of the battle was necessary in order “to promote unity.”   16. Is it true that the Alamo master planner has stated on several occasions that the Alamo battle was “. . . just one moment in time” and therefore cannot be the focus of the “Reimagine the Alamo” plan?      


Bush's Weak Attempt at Reversal

Feeling the political heat that you have generated, the Bush forces have recently endeavored to rebrand themselves once again. On Monday, October 2nd George P. Bush delivered a new speech at the Alamo, on Wednesday his re-election campaign put up a new campaign website, and on Thursday made radio ad buys across the state promoting Bush’s new position and the website.   

Contrary to his previous position, George P. Bush now claims that he is in favor of honoring the famous 1836 Battle and the Alamo Defenders. For those who have yet to see it, the new campaign website is    

On this site there is a list of ten bullet points outlining their current position. There is however one in particular to take special note of, point Number 2: “When the Master Plan is approved, Commissioner George P. Bush and the San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg have final approval and may accept or reject any part of the plan.”   

This is the key statement in the entire document. Placing the planning for the Alamo entirely in the hands of these two particular individuals will be extremely dangerous to its future—one an untrustworthy flip-flopper who tries to change positions with the wind, the other a noted radical historical revisionist with a record of heritage destruction.   

Regardless of Bush’s current attempts to convince the public that he wants to honor the 1836 Battle and the Defenders, we know what he really believes because he clearly stated it before the political heat was on: that taking the focus off the 1836 Battle was necessary in order to “promote unity and not division in our society.” We also know the now-infamous words of Bush’s own hand-picked Master Planner, George Skarmeas: “We cannot single out one moment in time.” It is safe to assume that Bush was in agreement since Skarmeas was his personally appointed Master Planner.   

As far as the role of the Honorable Mayor Ron Nirenberg, we need only remember that this is the same man responsible for the cowardly thief-in-the-night removal of the statue in Travis Park not long ago. Since their own document states in effect that Bush and Nirenberg will write the Alamo plan, how much faith can we have that these two will do right by the Alamo once Bush is safely re-elected. Absolutely none.   Simply put, George P. Bush does not have the spinal fortitude to stand up to Nirenberg and his San Antonio cohorts, even if he actually did disagree with them. That means that if Bush is re-elected, we are going to end up with a plan for the Alamo that is in total conformity with the desires of Nirenberg, Cruz Shaw, Roberto Treviño, the Castro Brothers, and the rest of their radical leftist allies.   

Point Number 2 on their own website starkly demonstrates what is on the line in the Primary Election coming up next March—the entire future of the Alamo. It is now clearer than ever that we absolutely must see to it that George P. Bush is defeated—if we are going to Save the Alamo.   

Rick Range   

P.S.—Their “new” plan still includes moving the Cenotaph. And instead of the REIMAGINE THE ALAMO Master Plan, they now refer to it as the “Alamo Interpretation Design Plan.”